Wangen: Star of the show

Prime Pump make an impact at Foodtech show

For over 20 years, Foodtech Packtech has been New Zealand’s foremost food and packaging technology exhibition. It’s the chance for New Zealand’s food manufacturing sector to experience world-leading technology and processes, and to learn from the best.

This year, from 18-20 September in Auckland, 250 local and international companies were exhibiting, among them, the team from Prime Pump – attending for the first time, though they’re veterans of many other expos.

It was also their opportunity to not only showcase all their food & waste pumping technology, but to provide a platform to launch Wangen hygienic pumps, which have now been part of Prime Pumps’ portfolio for the last 18 months.

Ben Petrie, from Prime Pump, says the company was initially not sure what to expect. But he was impressed by the show, and even more impressed by the response from visitors. “There were a lot of enquiries, especially around Wangen. The pumps created a huge amount of interest.”

The Prime Pump site also hosted John Booth, from Wangen Pumpen's Head Office in Germany, who was kept busy fielding questions. Ben said John knows the Wangen range “like the back of his hand.”
“It was well worth having him here.”

The Wangen twin screw pump, especially, drew visitors to the site. Ben says it’s relatively new technology and the Wangen pumps have some unique features. The pumps are designed for conveying delicate products at low shear such as chocolate, milk, cream, fruit juice and a host of other products. Traditionally, rotary lobe pumps have been used for the purpose but they raise a number of issues – not the least hygiene. Ben explains that because the twin screw pumps can operate anywhere between 100 and 4,000 rpm, they remove the need for a secondary pump for the cleaning process (CIP).

The team were flat-out, and after the very positive response at Foodtech Packtech 2018, Prime Pump will definitely be back the next time!