We offer - besides our complete range of standard pumps - cutomized pumps designed and manufactured for specific purposes. WANGEN pumps feature a high level of quality and operational reliability. They are used successfully in the field of biogas technology, agriculture, food and drink industry or by municipalities, whereever there is a need for reliable conveyance of highly viscous or abrasive substances.


Since it was founded in 1969, Pumpenfabrik Wangen has been developing and manufacturing progressing cavity pumps for various agricultural applications, e.g. liquid manure transport, liquid manure distribution and liquid feed.


Fossil fuels are becoming scarce. Renewable energies are gaining in importance. And the same applies to biogas technology. Ever since it was founded, Pumpenfabrik Wangen has been manufacturing progressing cavity pumps for this branch of technology and has been a member of the German Biogas Association and is Founder Member of the World Biogas Association (WBA).

Waste water and sewage systems, environmental engineering

More and more, water is becoming a valuable resource. Service water and waste water must therefore be cleaned in modern drinking water and waster water treatment plants with the help of complex processes – in successive mechanical, biological and chemical stages – and then returned to the ecological cycle.

Food and drinks industry

They convey products with little stress, permit the processing of even the smallest residual quantities, and come in CIP or SIP versions – a must in this industry – for easy cleaning.

Chemicals and paper

WANGEN pumps are designed in terms of setup, materials and specifically defined performance parameters to meet exactly the requirements of the pumping duty - This is an ideal response to many sophisticated applications in the chemical industry and the paper industry.


When pumps are to be used on ships, their design and construction materials must always be viewed with regard to maximum reliability and safety. WANGEN pumps satisfy marine standards and can be issued on request with a DNV certificate.

Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

The production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics is subject to strict rules. In collaboration with our customers we have designed a series of pumps that fulfill the requirements and have EHEDG approval.

Mining and tunnel construction

These are areas in which pumps face the toughest tasks and must cope with hard, abrasive loads. With their stability and application-specific designs, WANGEN pumps ensure economic efficiency even in these areas.