Performance Data

Flowrate 30, 40, 85, 150 m³/h
Maximum differential pressure 9, 12, 12, 12 bar
WANGEN BIO-MIX pumps have been integrated for many years in the energy production process and undergone continuous further development and optimization. They are suitable for conveying maize silage, grass silage, GPS, solid manure, poultry dung, waste and co-ferments, which are mixed with liquid in the pump.

Benefits and Characteristics

  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Large viscosity range
  • Good pumping performance even with abrasive and fibrous materials in the media
  • Good pumping performance even against high pressure
  • High operational reliability
  • Long service life
  • Rigorous modular principle for high flexibility, low stocking of spare parts, short downtimes for maintenance and repairs
  • Low servicing costs
  • Optimum service life even with difficult media
  • Easy to maintain thanks to large cleaning openings
  • Optionally with base plate
  • Insensitive to foreign matter
  • Several fermenters can be filled with one feeding system
  • Low Life Cycle Costs
  • Various hopper sizes available, including wear protection
  • Modular design for high flexibility
  • Pump delivery over long distances and large differences in height

Fields of Application

WANGEN BIO-MIX pumps are used as central pumps in biogas plants. They convey the following media – mixed respectively with recirculate or liquid manure – into the fermenter.
  • Dung: Horse and cattle dung, poultry dung
  • Silage: Maize silage, grass silage, GPS
  • feeding
  • filling

Suitable for the following media

  • apples
  • fish offal
  • whole crop silage
  • grass
  • liquid manure from chicken
  • corn silage
  • bovine manure
  • cattle slurry
  • slaughterhouse waste
  • foodwaste
  • pomace
  • sugar beets
  • liquid manure


  • Fully developed, robust universal joint with pre-feeding screw
  • Service-proven sealing systems
  • flexible drive selection
  • Reinforced cardan joint
  • Specially designed joints
  • Stator with S-cone inlet for optimum filling of the pumping chamber
  • Robust bearing pedestal for high force transduction
  • Suction housing with large inspection and cleaning openings
  • Driven by helical geared motor
  • Robust bearing pedestal with close-coupled drive and self-centering of the drive