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Great interest in WANGEN pumps for waste water, sewage and environmental engineering at the "Miljø og Teknikk" fair in Norway

Every three years, the "Miljø og Teknikk" trade fair takes place in Oslo, Norway. The trade fair is an important event in Scandinavia, with more than 3000 visitors and 120 exhibitors from industry and municipal areas. Also in this year the "Miljø og Teknikk" was a great success; experiences were exchanged, new products and technical solutions presented. Visitors showed great interest in WANGEN pumps such as the Xpress and BIO-FEED, but also in the modular system "WANGEN X-UNIT", which protects pumps at best against foreign bodies and dirt.

Statement from Artur Burdek, Managing Director FROSTER AS: «The Miljø & Teknikk-fair in Oslo was a great success. Our visitors for these days was af high quality, and the hopefully this will be good business for us both short and long-term. Together with the impressive look of the exhibited WANGEN BIO-FEED pump, Froster got a huge amount of attention. We thank Wangen for letting us lend this pump to increase our success together.»

For years WANGEN PUMPEN is successfully and qualified represented by the distribution partner FROSTER AS in Norway.

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