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Press release: 17-03

WANGEN polymer pump

Wangen, April 2017 – The WANGEN polymer pump is specially developed for reliable dosing in the water treatment and environmentally-related industry, and also in the chemical and pharmaceutical industrial sectors. The polymer pump is available in two sizes (10 & 20), with various housings.

Mediums are optimally dosed and supplied:

  • Polymer solutions as well as viscous polymer concentrates
  • Additives such as precipitants and flocculants
  • Urea and catalyst liquids
  • Aggressive and non-aggressive chemicals
  • Liquid pigments and paints
  • Oils and lubricants
  • Sealing masses

Various housings for special dosing and supply mediums:

  • Plastic housing (size KB10S) for dosing and supply of precipitants and polymer concentrates
  • Grey iron housing (size KB20S) for dosing and supply of precipitants and polymer usage solutions (FHM)

An overview of the technical festures:

  • Long-lived, wear-free and maintenance-free flexible joint without oil filling (prevents contamination of the pumped medium)
  • Large dosing range
  • Dosing accuracy +/- 1%
  • Intelligent structure
  • Supply quantity (l/h) from 0.5 to 200 and 200 to 4000
  • Maximum ball passage of 12 or 28 mm
  • The maximum differential pressure is 16 bar.

All details regarding the company as well as the product WANGEN polymer pump can be found online:


Press release 17-03
published 05.04.2017
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