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Modules Type X-UNIT

Optimal substrate preparation and low wear increase the efficiency of your system.

The modular system for reliable protection of plant equipment:
X-TRACT (debris removal) + X-CUT (substrate cutting). Both components are available separately and are optimally co-ordinated with each other as an X-UNIT.

After the medium has been pumped through the X-CUT it has the highest digestion rate and thus increases the effectiveness of the biogas plant.

Low energy consumption coupled with maximum substrate yield. Foreign matter is removed from the medium without additional energy consumption.

Increased process safety through removal of system-harmful foreign bodies and debris with the aid of the foreign body separator X-TRACT and the cutting unit X-CUT. Optimum adaptation of the cutting unit to the medium easily possible.

The WANGEN X-UNIT explained by our application engineer: Find out more in this video here.

Max. flow rate (gpm)
Max. differential pressure (bar)

Benefits and Characteristics

  • Durable, heavy-duty seal with in-house developed cooling and lubricating function for extremely high-performance (up to 87 psi media-pressure).
  • Cutting unit with rotating cutting blades speeds of up to 3,000 rpm provide for excellent substrate digestion rates.
  • Foreign matter is removed from the medium without additional energy consumption.
  • process-optimised adaption of the pumped media by simple change of the screen geometrie
  • flow-optimized catch container
  • foreign body removal through wheelbarrow possible with mounting stand
  • additional rinse connections available
  • no movable component parts necessary for separation of foreign bodies
  • optimum adaption of the cutting unit to the media
  • high operational reliability
  • standard flange and compact, space-efficient construction design
  • No external lifting device necessary for assembly and disassembly of the wearing parts thanks to the drive unit mounted on the slide at the X-CUT.

Fields of Application

The WANGEN X-UNIT is employed in every case where foreign bodies and debris from pumped media must be separated out and cutted:
  • Biogas plants
  • Biowaste utilisation
  • Stable application in agricultural technology
  • Liquid manure technology vehicle construction
  • Municipal waste water treatment plants

Suitable for the following media

  • bilge water
  • fish offal
  • industrial wastewater
  • paperpulp
  • bovine manure
  • liquid manure
  • vegetable waste and food residues
  • raw water
  • fermenter digestate
  • cleaning and washing water from agricultural processes
  • organic recirculates
  • secondary fibers
  • food waste
  • media with entanglement/clogging tendancy


  • Modular design for high flexibility
  • flow-optimized catch container
  • material: Galvanised mild steel (further materials on request)
  • very robust design
Output 330.004 gph / 347 l/sec. (with water as medium)

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