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Hopper feed pump Typ KL-R

The WANGEN progressing cavity pump of type KL-R and the specially designed hopper housing and modular sealing system enable the gentle conveyance of mediums without influencing the structure or quality of such. The low dead space version of the KL-RL series is ideal for use in the food industry and particularly easy to clean.
Max. Förderleistung (m³/h)
Max. Differenzdruck (bar)

Vorteile und Eigenschaften

  • pump delivery over long distances and large differences in height
  • low Life Cycle Costs
  • large viscosity range
  • good pumping performance even against high pressure
  • high operational reliability
  • consistent modular principle for high flexibility, low stocking of spare parts, short downtimes for maintenance and repairs
  • low servicing costs
  • optimum service life even with difficult media
  • insensitive to foreign matter
  • good pumping performance even with abrasive and fibrous materials in the media
  • optionally with heating or cooling jackets
  • optionally with base plate or mobile
  • various hopper sizes available
  • modular design for high flexibility and short downtimes for maintenance and repairs

Mögliche Einsatzbereiche

The WANGEN-Pumpen Typ KL-R is used for example in the waste water treatment industry.
  • conveying media
  • to storage areas
  • dosing
  • filling
  • feeding

Geeignet für folgende Fördermedien

  • inorganic slurry
  • lead paste
  • dispersion glue
  • ferrite slurry
  • fish offal
  • electroplating sludge
  • glue
  • industrial wastewater
  • polish paste
  • PVC glue
  • refinery sludge
  • foodwaste
  • starch glue
  • tar
  • coal flotation slurry
  • gypsum slurry
  • gravel wash slurry


  • service-proven sealing systems
  • robust bearing pedestal for high force transduction
  • fully developed, robust universal joint with pre-feeding screw
  • enlargement possible with add-on funnel
  • flexible drive selection
  • encapsulated mechanical seal, single or double acting, rinsed by the product
  • robust bearing pedestal with close-coupled drive and self-centering of the drive
  • stator with s-cone inlet for optimum filling of the pumping chamber
  • various geometries and pump sizes
  • various rotor/stator geometries (S, L and H geometry)
Förderleistung 5.72 - 704.5 gpm (at 350 rpm)
Trockensubstanzgehalt max. 45 %
Freier Kugeldurchgang up to 5.90 inch

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