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Hopper feed pump Typ KL-R Triplex

Pumps of the KL-R Triplex series impress with their consistent dosing option, as an intermittent input is compensated by the buffer volume in the collecting container. The small space requirement and large receiving vessel are a result of the low construction and the large volume of the container. No bridge building of the media possible.
Max. Förderleistung (m³/h)
Max. Differenzdruck (bar)

Vorteile und Eigenschaften

  • buffer volume up to 2.642 gal possible
  • modular design for high flexibility and short downtimes for maintenance and repairs
  • constant metering because the discontinuous input is compensated by buffer volume in the collecting container
  • unattended operation possible
  • excellent metering, important for dryer and incinerator operation
  • easy to maintain thanks to large cleaning openings
  • low-pulsation, continuous conveyance independent of pressure and viscosity
  • optimum service life even with difficult media
  • high operational reliability
  • high pressure performance
  • high dosing accuracy, also at low speed
  • low Life Cycle Costs
  • low construction with large container volume
  • little space required, with large collecting container

Mögliche Einsatzbereiche

The KL-R Triplex series is able to convey media from chamber filter presses, screen belt presses or decanters to dryers, silos or storage areas, or other feeding jobs.
  • from chamber filter presses
  • to dryers
  • to silos
  • to storage areas
  • for other feeding jobs
  • from screen belt presses
  • from decanters

Geeignet für folgende Fördermedien

  • sewage sludge
  • refinery sludge
  • dewatered sewage sludge up to 45 % dry substance
  • organic sludge


  • enlargement possible with add-on funnel
  • continuous flow rates at high counterpressure up to 696.2 psi
  • robust bearing pedestal with close-coupled drive and self-centering of the drive
  • flexible drive selection
  • fully developed, robust universal joint with pre-feeding screw
  • wear-protected, robust universal joint with feeding screw
  • collecting container optionally in three standard sizes (264 – 2.626 gal), special sizes on request
Förderleistung 3.5 - 352.2 gpm (at 25 - 100 rpm)
Trockensubstanzgehalt max. 45%
Freier Kugeldurchgang up to 4.76 inch

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