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Sanitary hopper feed pump Typ WANGEN MX-R

The trough shape of the sanitary WANGEN MX-R pump prevents deposits from forming on the hopper walls, overfeeding in the pump tunnel ensures efficient conveying.
Max. Förderleistung (m³/h)
Max. Differenzdruck (bar)

Vorteile und Eigenschaften

  • low dead space design of the pump interior
  • optionally with base plate
  • consistent modular principle for high flexibility, low stocking of spare parts, short downtimes for maintenance and repairs
  • conical screw conveyor ensures optimum emptying of the hopper floor
  • good dosing properties

Mögliche Einsatzbereiche

The sanitary WANGEN MX-R hopper feed pump is especially designed for conveyong medias with a high solid content, as they occur for example in the bakery industry.
  • dosing
  • filling
  • conveying media

Geeignet für folgende Fördermedien

  • biscuit paste
  • butter
  • ice cream
  • meat loaf
  • yeast
  • yogurt
  • olive paste
  • polish paste
  • processed cheese
  • butter - and margarine blocks
  • fermentation residues
  • high-viscosity dough in the baking industry
  • fruit, such as strawberries, including frozen fruit
  • high-viscosity chocolate mixture, waffle rework, marzipan and sugar mixtures (licorice, etc.)
  • high-viscosity dairy products, such as curd
  • high-viscosity soy products (okara)
  • meat-based products, such as raw mixture of reformed meat, minced meat, sausage meat or pet food
  • high-viscosity chemical products, such as anti-freezing agents, glues (including wood glue) or raw materials and pastes
  • sealants
  • marzipan
  • fondant mass
  • pharmaceutical products
  • highly viscous to airtight media
  • color pigments


  • stators in EvenWall® design (uniform elastomer wall thickness)
  • modular structure
  • reliable delivery of the medium to the pump assembly thanks to stable screw conveyor shortly before the pump assembly
  • easy cleaning thanks to construction with little dead space
Förderleistung 0.02 - 440.29 gpm
Freier Kugeldurchgang up to 2.99 inch

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