Values and Principles
of Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH

Economic efficiency, quality, environmental, occupational health, safety and energy efficiency awareness are the guidelines for our actions. These principles are reflected in all areas of our company. This also includes the development of products and services that increase quality efficiency. We are committed to complying with all legal and other binding requirements, as well as with the company-own requirements.

With our policy, we concretise the framework for management systems. This is done with the purpose of continuously improving effective quality that is lived in practice, as well as environmental protection, occupational health and safety protection and energy efficiency. "Lived in practice" means that we anchor these values with all of our employees within the context of our corporate culture. This also provides the basis for the constant evaluation and further development, as well as the definition of our goals.

We make safety, health protection, quality, environmental protection and energy efficiency an integral part of all our business activities. We are convinced that this will contribute to our corporate success, the satisfaction of every employee and also to our customers and partners.

Satisfied customers are our objective.

Not only do we deliver a high-quality product but, thanks to qualified consultation, also problem solutions. These cover everything from the enquiry right up to commissioning and, beyond this, the entire service life of the pump, which can sometime span a period of numerous decades. We take into account our customers' quality and environmental requirements and support them with all questions related to quality and environmental aspects.

Product development

has the target of economic efficiency with optimum quality. This refers to the products themselves, the manufacturing process and the practical application by customers in the course of the entire service life. Not only the products, but also existing and planned processes are systematically assessed with regard to their environmental compatibility, and they range from manufacture and an optimum energy-efficient service life, right up to final environmentally-compatible disposal. Products of Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH are characterised by high product quality, a long service life, low downtimes and low maintenance costs.

Production procedures

are constantly controlled and optimised. These include modern production facilities, documented production processes and process-accompanying quality controls. We ensure the special "welding" and "Ex Product manufacture" process by complying with DIN EN ISO 3834-2 and ISO/IEC 80079-34.

Satisfied and qualified employees

constitute one of our company's pillars. Our corporate culture includes open communication, goal-oriented cooperation, commitment and willingness, as well as employee satisfaction. We endeavour to inform our employees and to qualify them with training.


we see as partners. We expect them to satisfy high quality standards and act in a manner that takes environmental protection into consideration. What is more, we support their quality management and environmental protection activities.

Environmental protection

The environment in which we are active every day represents the basis of our existence. We protect it, work together to conserve resources and always treat the environment responsible. We endeavour to continuously improve our environmental performance, as well as our specific energy consumption. Here, we also support our customers and partners.

Safety protection

Accidents and work-related illnesses are avoidable. We guarantee occupational safety and technical safety for our employees,
customers and partners in all business processes and continuously improve the work environment, workflows and workplace design.

Occupational health

We strive to be the employer of choice and promote a work environment that protects our employee's physical and mental well-being. We undertake to act preventively, to minimise risks, to avoid illnesses and to pursue an effective and sustainable health promotion.

Energy efficiency

is a task for everyone in a company. They are personally responsible for ensuring that their activities are conducted in an energy-efficient manner. Minimising the consumption of resources and energy as well as recycling and waste avoidance is the responsibility of every employee. For replacement and new purchases, energy and economic efficiency is to be taken into account.


For the above-mentioned areas, we work very closely with all interested internal and external circles, in particular with our employees, partners, accident insurers, authorities, associations and other institutions. Our commitment:

  • to consultation and participation of workers, and, where they exist, workers' representatives.
  • All relevant laws, requirements, requirements and binding obligations are to be observed.
  • We take into account the concerns of economy, quality, environmental protection, energy efficiency, occupational health and safety.
  • We regard it as a challenge to apply the best possible technology and best possible processes in our business processes. This is done with the purpose of improving occupational health and safety and reducing environmental impacts, but also to improve quality - wherever economically viable and justifiable.
  • We maintain a discourse with all interested parties on our requirements and
    services in occupational safety and health, environmental protection and quality.
  • We continuously monitor the efficiency and suitability of our management systems.


Heiko Max Schultz, General Manager                           Stefan Isbarg, General Manager

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