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WANGEN BIO-FEED: unbeatable price, flexible and with a great variety of applications

WANGEN BIO-FEED combines liquid insertion with screw technology, directly at the solids dispenser

Cost-effective, high-performance, of high quality and with flexible fields of application - the newly developed WANGEN BIO-FEED pump offers these benefits at an unbeatable price, starting from a mere 15,000 euros. The new pump has been developed especially for installed systems that would like to combine existing screw technology at the solids dispenser with liquid insertion.

The suction pump that can be used as a central pump in the biogas plant but also offers additional industrial areas of application. 

WANGEN BIO-FEED: strong benefits that impress

  • Large-scale mixing chamber

  • Pump housing with three DN150 connections and a DN400 connection, for simple integration into the existing system. These can additionally be used as cleaning openings and for rinsing the mixing chamber.

  • A specially-developed  joint with milling screw.

  • Unproblematic addition of liquids possible with wet and watery solids substances, without additional liquid.

  • Simple exchange of the wear-and-tear parts with the innovative X-LIFT quick-change system. They can be exchanged with a few hand movements and without dismantling the pump from the piping system.

The newly developed WANGEN BIO-FEED offers numerous application areas. These are mainly found in biogas plants, e.g. for chopped corn silage, whole crop silage, straw and grass silage, dry chicken faeces, hackled sugar beets, food leftovers and food waste, slaughterhouse waste and sewage sludge but also in the industry and sewage treatment plants sectors. 

All details regarding the new WANGEN BIO-FEED at a glance here.

WANGEN BIO-FEED brochure available for download.

Contact us with questions on WANGEN BIO-FEED. We would be happy to consult you. 

The WANGEN BIO-FEED comes with X-LIFT, the quick change system developed by WANGEN PUMPEN
The WANGEN BIO-FEED comes with X-LIFT, the quick change system developed by WANGEN PUMPEN
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