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WANGEN KL 80 T conveys dolomite: successful extraction and dispersion of dolomite for fertilisation and slurry beneficiation. 

Suction dredgers with WANGEN Pumpe offer the optimal solution

Trollius GmbH from Lauterhofen in the Upper Palatinate mines lime and dolomite stone. Unconventional approaches and efficient conservation of resources are important here. During the washing of the dolomite and limestone primary screening, a mud of finest particles is left behind. This remnant suspension consists of finest calcium and magnesium components as well as valuable clay minerals. To date, this is not used and is deposited in large amounts. In future, it is to be used as a fertiliser and enter a natural recycling loop.

A SENNEBOGEN wheeled excavator and the WANGEN eccentric screw pump KL 80 T offer the solution of conveying the material with the brand name DOLOMIN into a standard slurry tank via a pipeline. The wheeled excavator with crawler chassis, which is else deployed on scrapyards or in port handling, functions as a support frame for the Wangen pump and the piping system.

The slurry tank is filled in about four minutes. It subsequently goes out onto the surrounding fields, where the liquid DOLOMIN is applied as fertiliser.

We offer you descriptive details on YouTube here.

Statement: “With the combination of the WANGEN eccentric screw pump and SENNEBOGEN wheeled excavator, we have a professional solution to convey DOLOMIN in liquid form from the basin. This combination and the area of application have never been used before. As such, it surely is unique,” says the delighted project participant Bernd Kuhn (Trollius GmbH).

The WANGEN eccentric screw pump Type KL-T is suited as an immersion pump for conveying media from tanks and basins. The pumping media – be it liquid, abrasive, chunky, sticky or highly viscose – is carefully conveyed, without damaging the product and without any adverse effects on the texture and quality. The pump is available in a number of different sizes; among others, it offers a flexible choice of drives, robust universal joints and a stator with funnel-shaped entrance for optimal filling of the conveying chamber.

All details on the pump can be found here.

Text: SENNEBOGEN Maschinenfabrik GmbH and Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH 

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