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WANGEN PUMPEN launches innovative X-Unit at the UK AD and WORLD BIOGAS EXPO in Birmingham, England.

Leading AD Plant operators that are successfully using the renowned Wangen BIO-MIX substrate dosing and feed pumps were very impressed with the latest "clever" addition to Wangen's AD portfolio of products.

The X-UNIT removes debris like stones, foreign objects etc. from the substrate and also cuts fibres in it and as such is an excellent plant equipment protector! WANGEN PUMPEN's Sales Development Director, John Booth was very pleased that several customers plan to install the X-Unit in new AD plants and retrofit the unit into existing plants. The X-Unit will lead to less plant maintenance and increased earnings for our customers! Agrico Engineering Sales Ltd. distributes the new X-Unit in the UK.

Florian Holub, Wangen's Regional Sales Manager for Asia, greatly appreciated that this year's international audience allowed us to meet up with many of our longstanding customers from Ireland, Germany, France, Holland, South America, Asia etc.

Over 50.000 "robust" Wangen pumps have been supplied to the Anaerobic Digestion and Agricultural Industry worldwide.

Wangen's German engineered pumps are excellent for pumping various high viscosity substrates e.g. chicken-litter, food waste, silage, rice straw, digestate and for feeding heat exchangers, separators etc. We share our vast knowledge with our global customers and facility providers to ensure the correct choice of pumping technology to achieve the highest AD plant productivity.

Find all information about our product portfolio visit our website here or if you prefer, please watch our product videos at our Youtube channel.

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