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Press release: 17-05

The new WANGEN Twin generation - form and technology in perfection

Wangen im Allgäu, 29th August 2017: Highest level of service friendliness, larger pressure range, extended possible applications, gentle conveyance and simple cleaning united in one pump: The WANGEN Twin hygienic screw pump. The pump was developed especially for the hygienic conveyance of foodstuffs and cosmetics, as well as chemical products, and supersedes precursor models. It is presented for the first time at the drinktec 2017 trade fair in Munich and will be available in the 4th Quarter 2017.

A hygienic class in itself. The new WANGEN Twin generation:
The high level of service friendliness of the pumps had the highest priority during further development. Result: The new WANGEN Twin is an absolutely high-quality product with a maximum of thought-out service friendliness and quality. The spindle change without re-synchronisation of the spindle shafts is possible without problems using the fast-X-change®, developed and patented by WANGEN PUMPEN. The cartridge construction design of the pumps enables a simple and rapid change of the seals. Thanks to a self-centring flange casing, the coupling is optimally aligned automatically. Therefore a renewed alignment of the coupling, e.g. after service activities, is not required. The Twin guarantees a long service life (among other things), as a result of the further-developed, high-quality components and materials, such as e.g. further-developed shafts.

Convincing advantages which make employment attractive.

  • Gentle conveyance of the media and Cleaning in Place (CIP), due to optimised and technically-precise flow characteristics.
  • Maximum connection flexibility using numerous nozzle variants.
  • Grips on the housing for attachments e.g. carrier loops or belts.
  • Extended spindle selection (ascent)
  • 100% backward-compatibly with the preceding WANGEN Twin generation.
  • Bearing housing in stainless steel and grey cast iron (galvanically zinc-coated and high-quality painted); available with and without direct flange-on of the drive.
  • Extended, flexible drive selection

WANGEN Twin performance data

  • Construction sizes: Twin 70, Twin 104, Twin 130, Twin 180
  • Larger pressure range: 16 - 25 bar operating pressure
  • 30 bar peak pressure possible (Twin 70 and 104)
  • Flow rate from 25 m³/h to 200 m³/h
  • Maximum free passage for ball: 20 - 40 mm (according to construction size)

The WANGEN Twin is suitable for pumped media from the sectors of the
foodstuffs and cosmetics industry and for chemical products.

  • Drinks, milk products, sauces, confectionery, fruits, meat-based products (e.g. direct-pressing juice, concentrates, yeast, yoghurt, salad dressings, chocolate, strawberries, cherries, mincemeat, sausage meat)
  • Care and cleansing products (e.g. cream, ointment, lotion, soap, shampoo, shower gel)
  • Coatings, connection products, base materials (e.g. dyes, paints, binding agents, adhesive, solutions, suspensions)

Presented for the first time, the new WANGEN Twin 104 at the Messe drinktec 2017 trade fair in Munich (11th - 15th September 2017). WANGEN PUMPEN Hall B3, Stand 401

After 11th September 2017, please find all technical details, as well as information in German and English, online at, as well as on LinkedIn, Facebook und Twitter.


Press release 17-05
published 29.08.2017
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