Passionate, reliable, precise. WANGEN pumps.

WANGEN PUMPEN is a mechanical engineering company and supplier of high quality positive displacement pumps for industrial applications. We work with passion. With team spirit and, like our pumps, reliable and accurate. We are not visible, but always present. We make sure it works. Every day. All over.

The extensive product range of WANGEN pumps includes progressive cavity pumps and twin screw pumps for sectors as diverse as pharmaceutical and cosmetics, food and beverage production, environmental and waste water, biogas and anaerobic digestion, agricultural engineering, the chemicals and paper industries or shipbuilding.


WANGEN AMERICA was founded in 2014 as a 100% subsidiary of Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH.

Pumpenfabrik Wangen / WANGEN PUMPEN was founded in 1969 and has continued to grow, expanding from its beginnings as a small family business into a medium-size company with a workforce of over 250 employees. WANGEN's continued growth is due to our continued commitment to deliver products and services which adhere to the highest quality requirements expected by our customers. Based on this experience, WANGEN AMERICA was founded.


WANGEN pumps are highly regarded throughout the world because of our understanding of the markets we serve and the strong relationships we build with our customers. It is this high esteem in which we are held by our customers that motivates us to preserve, improve and breathe new life into our values day after day.


15 percent of the Wangen workforce are employees that have been trained through our in house extensive 2 year training program. Through the WANGEN intern program our 50+ years of manufacturing and industry knowledge is passed on to our interns which allows them to be ready for a successful career at WANGEN pumps. Our knowledge - your benefit.

We propel ...


35 years: That is how long our pump ran for Mr. Maier in Austria without any repairs. Our motivation is the satisfaction of our customers, our passion is the excellence of our standards. This way, such success stories become reality. Consequentially, our quality management is certified to ISO 9001.


Whether you need to handle adhesive, abrasive or product with particulates material, or require the most hygenic equipment in food, agriculture, biogas or chemicals: WANGEN pumps engineering and manufacturing processes provide our customers with pumps that have a low cost of ownership. As a result the reliability and longevity of our pumps give our customers the highest degree of confidence to use WANGEN pumps in their processes.

What guides us


Reliability can only arise where reliable thought and action is taken. Reliable, professional and motivated work is a prerequisite for being a manufacturer of high quality engineered equipment. WANGEN pumps guaranteed reliability begins with our engineering and manufacturing, continuing with our service and support.


Product and service quality must be identical. That is why we regularly and systematically capture our customers' wishes, needs and expectations, then analyze and then translate them into products, services and interactive processes, across departments and locations throughout the company.


Our world is changing faster and faster, the intervals are getting shorter. Due to the high stability of our base, we are able to react to ever faster changing conditions or to recognize them in advance, in order to be able to set the course accordingly. To respond quickly: that, too, is an essential part of our success.


As an ISO 14001-certified company, we know that sustainable management is a matter of common sense. Whether we save 2000 m³ of fresh water by returning it to a cooling circuit or 3 tons of raw rubber through recycling: We take our commitment to sustainability seriously.

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