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Mining and tunnel construction

These are areas in which pumps face the toughest tasks and must cope with hard, abrasive loads. With their stability and application-specific designs, WANGEN AMERICA pumps ensure economic efficiency even in these areas.

Type KL-R

The WANGEN progressing cavity pump of type KL-R and the specially designed hopper housing and modular sealing system enable the gentle conveyance of mediums without influencing the structure or quality of such. The low dead space version of the KL-RL series is ideal for use in the food industry and particularly easy to clean.

Max. flow rate (gpm)
Max. differential pressure (bar)
KL 50 RÜ

Pumps of the KL-RÜ series are built according to our proven modular principle. This allows high
flexibility, low spare parts inventory, and minimum downtimes for repairs. Other features include: sophisticated and robust cardan joints with screw conveyors, fibers do not get wrapped around the joint and the joint connectors thanks to the effective
protection device.

Max. flow rate (gpm)
Max. differential pressure (bar)
KL-T Grauguss / gray cast iron

Thanks to the vertical construction form, the WANGEN KL-T / KB-T has only a small space requirement. The consistent diameter of the joint connections ensures constant flow speeds and reduces the sensitivity to foreign materials. The low-pulsation continuous conveying of media is independent of the pressure and viscosity.

Max. flow rate (gpm)
Max. differential pressure (bar)
KL 50 S
Type KL-S

The progressing cavity pump serie WANGEN KL-S are basic products of Pumpenfabrik Wangen. The clear benefit is in the low lifecycle costs. This universally usable pump works with almost every low and extrem high viscous mediums (1 mPas -3.000.000 mPas). A highly reliable pump. 

Max. flow rate (gpm)
Max. differential pressure (bar)
Type WANGEN Xpress

The changing of wear parts with very few actions, without removing the pump from the pipeline system thanks to Service in Place.

The WANGEN Xpress pump range has been specially developed for easy maintenance and to considerably shorten the servicing time and thus reduce costs. Reliable pumping of media, along with fast rotor/stator changes are ensured by our patented X-LIFT quick change system developed by WANGEN PUMPEN. The X-LIFT flange is constructed on standard flange design principles.

Available in the sizes 48, 64, 78 and 94.

Max. flow rate (gpm)
Max. differential pressure (bar)

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