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Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Features include flow-optimized housings, near-pulsation-free conveyance of media, high dosing accuracy, use of FDA-approved materials, and little dead space for easy cleaning. All in all, WANGEN AMERICA pumps ensure the highest standards of production for their users.

Type KL-RL Sanitary

The sanitary hopper feed pumps of the series KL-RL allow almost pulsation-free pumping of mediums. Depending on the medium to be pumped, the pump can be operated with heating or cooling options, and a variation using an attachable hopper is also possible.

Max. flow rate (m³/h)
Max. differential pressure (bar)
WANGEN HYLINE Hygienische Exzenterschneckenpumpe Hygienic progressing cavity pump

Highlight of the sanitary progressing cavity pump WANGEN HYLINE: The flexible and maintenance-free joint is coated with elastomer. A constant shaft diameter construction design prevents sedimentation of the media to be pumped.

The intelligent design of this sanitary pump requires no additional seals in the product chamber. Pump disassembly is easily carried out by removing all pump component connections outside the product chamber.

Max. flow rate (m³/h)
Max. differential pressure (bar)
KL 30 SL
Type KL-SL Hygienic

The sanitary pumps of the KL-SL serie convince through their easy cleaning and minimal deadspace construction. They can run heat- or coolable. Sanitary highlights are for example CIP (Cleaning in Place) as well as low pulsation and continuous conveying, independent of pressure and viscosity.

Max. flow rate (m³/h)
Max. differential pressure (bar)
WANGEN MX-F, hygienische Exzenterschneckenpumpe

The WANGEN MX-F is a sanitary progressing cavity pump for emtying drums and vessels that contains high viscous mediums. The pump is therefore mounted on a plate. Both, pump and plate, is then pressed into the medium. The so displaced material feeds the pump through a hole in the plate.

This ensures the permanent feeding of the pump, even after changing the medium.

Max. flow rate (m³/h)
Max. differential pressure (bar)

For demanding sanitary conveying and dosing of aqueous to highly viscous media in the food & beverage-, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. Low-impact delivery of products containing solids. CIP and SIP cleaning is possible, the pump is available as a mobile or stationary unit.

Max. flow rate (m³/h)
Max. differential pressure (bar)
WANGEN Twin New Generation

The new generation of the WANGEN Twin NG screw pump is part of the sanitary conveyance solutions from WANGEN and was designed to reliably pump low to highly viscous, volatile or gaseous products and for applications where maximum hygiene and efficiency is required. The sanitary pump for food and beverages, chemicals and cosmetics.

Available as 3A authorized version (WANGEN Twin NG 70, 104, 130) or EHEDG certified version (WANGEN Twin NG 70, 104, 130, 180).

  • Spindle replacement without the need to re-synchronize the spindle shafts, thanks to fast-X-change® technology, developed by WANGEN PUMPEN.
  • Cartridge design for simple and quick seal replacement.
  • Coupling alignment by self-centring flange housing (centering-lantern optionally available). Therefore no need for re-alignment of the coupling, for instance after service work.

Available in the sizes 70, 104, 130, 180.


Max. flow rate (m³/h)
Max. differential pressure (bar)
WANGEN VarioTwin
Type WANGEN VarioTwin NG

Gently feeding high-viscosity media: The sanitary and patented add-on to the WANGEN Twin NG screw pump. A add-on module of the WANGEN Twin NG with hopper and screw conveyor.

Max. flow rate (m³/h)
Max. differential pressure (bar)
KL-T Grauguss / gray cast iron

Thanks to the vertical construction form, the WANGEN KL-T / KB-T has only a small space requirement. The consistent diameter of the joint connections ensures constant flow speeds and reduces the sensitivity to foreign materials. The low-pulsation continuous conveying of media is independent of the pressure and viscosity.

Max. flow rate (m³/h)
Max. differential pressure (bar)
Type KB-S

The WANGEN progressing cavity pumps of the KB-S serie are, in contrast to the KL-S serie, equipped with a block housing. There, the drive is coupled directly to the pump housing, which is ideal for normal pump operation or for small conveyed volumes. The pump conveys viscous and abrasive mediums.

Max. flow rate (m³/h)
Max. differential pressure (bar)
Type KB-S GG

The WANGEN progressing cavity pump KB-S GG is one of the basic products of WANGEN PUMPEN. One of the benefits of this pump is clearly the fewer parts within the individual assemblies. The KB-S GG is of cast iron and has a block housing (the drive is coupled directly to the pump housing).

Max. flow rate (m³/h)
Max. differential pressure (bar)
KL 50 S
Type KL-S

The progressing cavity pump serie WANGEN KL-S are basic products of Pumpenfabrik Wangen. The clear benefit is in the low lifecycle costs. This universally usable pump works with almost every low and extrem high viscous mediums (1 mPas -3.000.000 mPas). A highly reliable pump. 

Max. flow rate (m³/h)
Max. differential pressure (bar)

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