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The WANGEN Twin NG pumps toothpaste.

The WANGEN Twin NG 70 overcomes challenges when pumping toothpaste, impressing the manufacturer in the process.
"Can you pump toothpaste?" was the question posed by a well-known German manufacturer of consumer goods to Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH. "Of course!" came the response from the application engineers at the pump manufacturer based in the Allgäu region of Germany. They immediately suggested carrying out tests in the filling plant with the WANGEN Twin NG screw pump, a product in the Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH range of hygienic pumping solutions.

The challenge is a tough one because toothpaste is firstly viscous, i.e. slow-moving, sticky and highly abrasive, and so cannot simply be drawn in by suction. Secondly, pumping toothpaste represents a hygienic application, in which the pumps also need to fully comply with the stringent and exacting hygiene standards.
The customer ensured the respective charging pressure but, time and time again, they experienced air inclusions in the suction line. These inclusions were caused by the change of container and batches, a frequent occurrence with this customer in this plant. These air inclusions were causing problems for the rotary piston pump used. The WANGEN Twin NG is capable of pumping these air inclusions trouble-free, as it is able to cope with a 60 % proportion of air with ease. There is no longer a need to regularly vent the pump; there is much less maintenance required when the pump is in operation, and the associated feed losses are considerably lower.
Hygienic standards are complied with: The WANGEN Twin NG screw pump is a contactlessly operating pump. "Contactlessly operating" means that there is no contamination of the feed by foreign matter, caused by the abrasion of pump elements, such as by the rotor and stator. This is a very important aspect with all media intended for human consumption and subject to stringent hygiene standards.

All series of the WANGEN Twin NG screw pump carry EHEDG certification (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group), and three of four series comply with the 3-A regulations (3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. (3-A SSI) hygiene association within the US food sector), and thus fully comply with these hygiene guidelines and design specifications. In this respect, great importance is attached to their low dead space design, connections certified for hygiene applications, appropriate surface quality, and ease of cleaning (EHEDG certification applies to the TWIN NG sizes: 70, 104, 130, 180; 3-A authorisation applies to the Twin NG sizes: 70, 104, 130).

The WANGEN Twin NG 70 test pump is convincing The customer first trialled the application with a test pump supplied by Pumpenfabrik Wangen. The order for a new pump was placed following the successful conclusion of the test phase, and which seamlessly replaces the test pump. "We were convinced from the start that the WANGEN Twin NG would overcome the challenges splendidly and is the optimum pump to pump this viscose "toothpaste" medium," stresses Marcus Gutfrucht, application engineer for hygienic applications at WANGEN PUMPEN.


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