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Self-priming pump Type KL-S

The progressing cavity pump serie WANGEN KL-S are basic products of Pumpenfabrik Wangen. The clear benefit is in the low lifecycle costs. This universally usable pump works with almost every low and extrem high viscous mediums (1 mPas -3.000.000 mPas). A highly reliable pump. 
Max. flow rate (gpm)
Max. differential pressure (bar)

Benefits and Characteristics

  • excellent price/performance ratio
  • low Life Cycle Costs
  • large viscosity range
  • good pumping performance even against high pressure
  • high operational reliability
  • consistant diameters at joint connections for constant flow-rates
  • consistent modular principle for high flexibility, low stocking of spare parts, short downtimes for maintenance and repairs
  • almost pulsation-free conveyance
  • optimum service life even with difficult media
  • optionally with base plate
  • insensitive to foreign matter
  • good pumping performance even with abrasive and fibrous materials in the media
  • high suction lift (self-priming under certain conditions)
  • constant flow speed in the suction housing prevents desposits or sedimentation
  • low-pulsation, continuous conveyance independent of pressure and viscosity
  • easy to maintain thanks to large cleaning openings

Fields of Application

Due to its modular design the WANGEN KL-S serie is flexible usable in a wide scope of application. They are used to convey all self-flowing fluids. Self-priming pumps can convey low to highly viscous media just as well as media containing solid matter.
  • suction
  • distributing
  • feeding
  • dosing
  • loading
  • filling
  • rinsing
  • transfer pumping
  • feeding

Suitable for the following media

  • active carbon
  • aaste oil
  • inorganic slurry
  • bentonite
  • cement
  • bilge water
  • calcium carbonate
  • chromium hydroxide
  • fertilizer
  • ferrite slurry
  • paint
  • fat
  • flocculants
  • electroplating sludge
  • glycerin
  • liquid manure from chicken
  • sewage sludge
  • glue
  • paperpulp
  • plaster
  • refinery sludge
  • bovine manure
  • cattle slurry
  • saline solution
  • cutting oil
  • vaseline
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • cement
  • zinc oxide
  • coal flotation slurry
  • gypsum slurry
  • gravel wash slurry
  • polymere
  • liquid food


  • mature, robust universal joints with extended service life; non-clogging; with or without prefeeding screw
  • fully developed, robust universal joint with or without pre-feeding screw
  • flexible drive selection (helical geared motors, hydraulic motors)
  • suction housing with large inspection and cleaning openings
  • large variety of flange connections
  • available seal types: Stuffing box, mechanical seal, LWD mechanical face seal, lip seals, with and without rinsing or buffer fluid
  • robust bearing pedestal with close-coupled drive and self-centering of the drive
  • stator with s-cone inlet for optimum filling of the pumping chamber
  • various rotor/stator geometries (S, L and H geometry)
Output 0.04 - 2465.60
Viscosity up to 200.000 mPas
Free ball passage up to 5.90 inch

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