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Self-priming pump Type WANGEN BIO-FEED

With a specially-developed milling screw, you can mix the solids that are to be added with the separately added liquid and convey it into the desired containers.

With our innovative X-LIFT quick-change system, the wearing parts are easy to replace. Only a few simple steps are needed, without this requiring disassembly of the pump from the piping system. Thereby, WANGEN BIO-FEED is also suitable for use in restricted spaces.

Due to the pushing of the screw connection, WANGEN BIO-FEED turns into a high-performance
suction pump. You can use it as a central pump in your biogas plant.

To simplfy integration into your conveyor, our WANGEN BIO-FEED's pump body is equipped with two DN150 connections bearing bracket side, one DN400 connection for the screw conveyor and two DN200 at stator side. In addition, you can use these as cleaning openings and for rinsing the mixing chamber.

Max. flow rate (gpm)
Max. differential pressure (bar)

Benefits and Characteristics

  • X-LIFT quick change system
  • large-scale mixing chamber
  • specially-developed joint with milling screw
  • liquid addition and high-performance central pump
  • unproblematic liquid feeding with wet and watery solids, without additional liquid
  • liquid feeding pump for connection to existing screw technology
  • low Life Cycle Costs
  • the pump remains in the system when changing rotor/stator, thus considerably reducing the amount of installation work
  • fast rotor/stator changes
  • maintenance-friendly

Fields of Application

The progressing cavity pump WANGEN BIO-FEED combines liquid feeding with screw technology directly at the solids dispenser.
  • suction
  • for other feeding jobs
  • transfer pumping
  • feeding
  • loading
  • filling

Suitable for the following media

  • sewage sludge
  • foodwaste
  • chopped corn silage
  • straw and grass silage
  • whole crop silage
  • dry chicken faeces
  • hackled sugar beets
  • food waste


  • connections: 2 x DN150 at bearing braket side, 1 x DN400 for connection of screw conveyor, 2 x DN200 at stator side
  • modern sealing system (LWD mechanical face seal)
  • fully developed, robust universal joint with pre-feeding screw
  • flexible drive selection
  • inspection port
  • stator with s-cone inlet for optimum filling of the pumping chamber
  • various geometries and pump sizes
Output up to 221.1 gpm
Dry substance Content max. 15 %
Free ball passage up to 4.41 inch

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